The 6 steps to becoming a professional photographer

Becoming a professional photographer must be a very planned and deliberate action. As a budding photographer you need to work on getting the right skill, perfecting it, and getting the necessary professional exposure. In this article we are going to share with you a step by step guide on how you can become a professional photographer.

Here are the 6 steps to becoming a professional photographer.

Step 1: Get the right education

In as much as photography is a practical skill and some have even suggested it may be inborn, to be a professional you must have the requisite education. It’s therefore important for you to identify a school with a reputable photography program. You can either choose to do a certificate or a bachelor’s degree and later even do a master’s.

Step 2: Choose an area of focus

Photography is a very wide field therefore if you are thinking of becoming a professional you need to choose an area to focus on so that you can perfect your skill. There are a number of focus areas such as commercial photography, aerial photography, portrait photography, fine art photography, scientific and industrial photography among many others.

Step 3: Look for a good internship opportunity

Just as with other professions, an internship will give you an opportunity to be in a professional work environment where you can put into practice everything you have learnt. It’s also a good opportunity for you to start building your professional networks.

Step 4: Get certified

This step is only applicable if you are in an area with a professional certification authority such as a Professional Photographers Association. It will be a good idea to get certified by such a body.

Step 5: Get an entry level job

No matter how good a photographer you may be, as long as you don’t have sufficient work experience you will need to start at an entry level position, then gradually progress to more senior roles as you continue demonstrating your abilities. Use such opportunities to build your professional portfolio.

Step 6: Never stop learning

Being a professional is all about having the requisite skill and practical experience. It’s therefore advisable for you to always keep learning so that you are up to date with the different developments in photography technology, accessories, techniques, trends and software, and many more.

If you diligently apply this 6 steps you are well on your way to becoming a professional photographer. Just keep in mind that this is a process that may take a couple of months or years therefore you will need plenty of patience and grit as you go through the process.

We welcome you to share with us your photography experiences.

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