Photography – 3 types of photos you must learn to take

Creative photography is all about experimentation as the photographer works towards finding creative ways of capturing unique and captivating photos. Most of it requires some out of the box thinking as well as creative use of photo editing software in order to pull off successfully.

This article will look at 3 types of creative photography tricks that every photographer must learn how to pull off.

1 Coming up with forced perspective photos

Forced perspective photos are very popular with advertisers especially for social media campaigns as they have the ability to make photos trend if the subject and object in the photo are captivating enough. These are the types of photos that help create an optical illusion that the subject which is often a human or an animal is interacting with an object on the background. A typical example would be a person leaning on the Eiffel tower or a dog using its tail to prevent the Leaning Tower of Pisa from tipping over. Such photos don’t require much technical expertise, just a photographer who has learnt good camera positioning.

2 Coming up with double exposure photos

Double exposure photos are essentially two photos that have been combined. Whereas this is not a complicated technique to learn, it requires an aspect of creativity because not all photos can be merged to produce one seemingly seamless image. The trick to combining two or more images is doing it in a way that the viewer can’t figure out the points of intersection between the two images. It should appear as a single image. You can be able to do this digitally on a computer but there are digital cameras that have the option of allowing you do the merging of photos right from the camera.

3 Coming up with 360 degree panoramic photos

In as much as there are cameras with the capability of capturing 360 degree photos, a good photographer must learn the art of being able to produce such photos with their regular digital SLR cameras. Mostly this works through taking photos of a scene is sequence then these photos get stitched together using computer software to make it appear as a single 360 degree photo. To pull this off successfully, the sequence of single photos the photographer captures must be in perfect harmony so that the viewer is not able to tell the points of intersection that have been stitched.

These are simple tricks yet on high demand in the market especially for online marketing campaigns and can be a good way of making quick cash on the side in between the big photography assignments.

We welcome you to share with us your photography experiences.

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