Here are 4 popular types of creative photography

Photographers who appreciate creativity in photography know that taking photos is never just about documenting memorable moments but rather it’s more about making these moments stand out. This means that as you work towards capturing a moment with your camera is about going out of your way to capture it in a unique perspective that will captivate the viewer of the photo.

In this article we are going to look at the 4 popular types of creative photography that have been able to make memorable moments stand out.

1 Aerial photography

Advancements in camera technology as well as drone technology have really revolutionized photography and created new opportunities for aerial photography that many couldn’t even have imagined a few years back. Aerial photography allows us to see the world around us from a very different and fresh perspective thereby allowing photographers capture memorable moments in a very unique and stunning way.

2 Black and white photography

Black and white photography is a popular style in creative photography that enables a photographer add a sense of time, style as well as emotion in a photo in a way that is unmatched especially by colored photos. This type of photography also enables us appreciate where photography has come from and how it has been transformed over the years. In as much as there is software to convert colored photos into black and white, the best way to capture such photos is by setting your camera to black and white so that you can get the shadows and the contrast perfectly.

3 Composite photography

Creative photography is usually focused on finding new ways of presenting a photograph and there’s no better way to do this like composite photography. This involves capturing a couple of photos and laying them over each other to come up with a single image. The process of laying them over each other is done digitally. It has the effect of bringing out a captivating perspective that your brain would not have been able to imagine on its own. For this to work, the individual photos captured must themselves be captivating.

4 Food photography

Food photography was once thought to be a preserve of foodies but it has now grown to become among the biggest social media trends. The idea is being able to capture the most mouthwatering photo of food. So big has this trend been that most smartphones getting into the market today have a special feature in the camera for capturing food photos. Now it’s a type of photography that has been used by chefs world over to advertise their special cuisines.

If you are a budding photographer still trying to figure out a style of creative photography to specialize in, you can try out any of the above styles, they are guaranteed to give you a really awesome experience.

We welcome you to share with us your photography experiences. for more details:

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