Okin Report is a leading online magazine that focuses on sharing informative, educative, and insightful information about photography. Through this magazine you’ll get to learn all about photography. We are a community of photography enthusiasts who enjoy sharing what we have learnt over the years with other people who are interested in getting into photography. We are passionate about informing, educating and inspiring the next generation of photographers on all things photography.

The Okin Report magazine will be like a free online photography school but without the formality of classes. Our team of writers will simplify the content and make it fun and engaging reducing the technicalities by using simple, clear and concise language that everyone will easily understand. It doesn’t matter whether you are into film or digital photography, we will be on hand to provide you with the necessary information you need to enhance your photography experience.

We look forward to your company as we take you through this fun and inspiring journey of discovering everything there is to discover about photography.


William Smith – founder, Okin Report