3 main differences between film and digital photography

With the proliferation of digital technology in photography, many new photographers are purchasing digital cameras and showing very little interest in finding out how these cameras differ from their predecessors that is film cameras. Whereas the jury is still out on which is better between digital and film, it’s always a good idea to know a thing or two about the fundamental differences between these two types of photography technologies.

Here are the 3 main differences between film and digital photography.

The processing of photos

One of the main differences between film and digital photography is the processing of photos. When it comes to film, the processing of photos is done using chemicals in a dark room, and this usually takes hours depending on the number of photos you are processing. Digital processing on the other hand is done using a computer therefore the process just takes seconds and this is mostly down to your computer’s speed.

The ability to get instant feedback

One of the main hurdles with film photography is that you will never get to know how your photos look until you process them in a dark room. This essentially means that there is no room for instant feedback. Digital photography on the other hand gives you access to instant feedback the moment you capture a photo. With the aid of a small LCD screen on most digital cameras, you instantly get to know whether you have taken a good or a bad photo.

The ability to correct photos

In film photography, you can’t make corrections to a photo once it has been processed therefore if it has an error you are stuck with it. In digital photography however, there is software available to you that allows you to make edits on the photo. It’s worth mentioning however that if you want to make corrections to a photo in film photography, you first need to first convert the photo or negative into digital and this can be a long and even costly process.

There you have it, the 3 main differences between film and digital photography.

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