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The 6 most popular types of photography

Photography is a very wide field therefore before a person ventures into professional photography, they need to have an idea on the type of photography they would wish to venture into. Your preference on your ideal type of photography should be based on passion as well as marketability.

We take a look at the 6 most popular types of photography.

Landscape photography

As the name suggests, landscape photography mainly focuses on capturing landscapes which may be physical or manmade features such as large spaces, pieces of land, mountain ranges and city skylines, among many others.

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Fashion photography

As the name suggests, fashion photography is about capturing photos about clothing and fashion. This type of photography will mostly involve working with professional model agencies as well as fashion magazines.

Fine art photography

Fine art photography will mainly deal with the capturing of fine arts mostly for the purposes of digitizing this form of art so that the artiste can be able to market their work on the digital space or display their work in digital art galleries.

Portrait photography

This type of photography will mainly focus on capturing the facial features of the subject by capturing a close up photo. The idea is to highlight the subject’s facial features that show their personality, bring out their mood, as well as other facial expressions.

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Wildlife photography

As the name suggests, this is a type of photography that will focus on the documentation of natural habitats especially animals in the wild. This is a specialized type of photography that not only needs specialized cameras but also an understanding of nature in order to be at the right place and at the right time so that you can get the photos that are required.

Wedding photography

From time immemorial, couples have always wanted to document their weddings and this is a trend that is not likely to stop any time soon. This is therefore a very marketable field for photographers because the reality is weddings are big business therefore they should take advantage of this windfall.

As an aspiring professional photographer, it’s always a good idea to try out your hand in a couple of these fields before you decide on which one will suit you best. You also have the option of specializing in at least two of them so that you are more marketable.

We welcome you to share with us your photography experiences.

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