How to photograph food: a guide to food photography

Are you going to take a look at the news on Instagram and Facebook? Almost certainly you will find photos of food in quantity, which will flow before your eyes like pictures of a slot machine. Everyone, from world leaders to celebrities, to our friends and family, they enjoy photographing the food they are about to taste.

If for some photographing appetizing lasagna and decorated cakes is a frivolous occupation, for others instead photographing food is vital.

Commercial activities such as restaurants, taverns, bakeries, grocery stores, to thrive rely on the effectiveness of photos of their dishes or foods. For a food business , a shot that perfectly captures the essence of a dish can be decisive, influencing the strategy of social media marketing, traffic on the blog, sales made via ecommerce. In short, the food photography can make the success or failure of companies dedicated to food.

That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you take pictures of food according to standards that are appropriate to customer expectations. But food photography does not necessarily imply having to hire a professional photographer, or hire expensive equipment. Even professional tools can be obtained with simple tools such as smartphones .

To photograph food, you need to know how to make the most of it

When photographing food, it is not so important the equipment, as the ability to enhance the appearance of food, thanks to:

  • Serving : placing of food on the plate.
  • Lighting : use of light to make dishes appear at their best.
  • Framing : right delimitation of the field of application.
  • Editing : adjustments to the photos, which can be implemented after the shot. 
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